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Looking for the Best Metal Detecting Tips and Advice? Check us out and discover a ton of useful tips to help you find treasure like a pro!

Metal detector

New to metal detecting? This article provides a detailed guide on how to use a metal detector efficiently.

We discuss the best places and the equipment you will need to find them..

What do metal detectors detect? Yes, you can find gold, for sure. How about aluminum and titanium? Find out the answer here!

How do metal detectors work? If you’re wondering about the same thing, check out this detailed explanation.

Knowing the best places to use a metal detector gives you the chance to get the most out of your device. We’ve listed down the top spots.

By knowing metal detecting laws by state, you can be sure that you are not breaking any laws during your adventures.

Planning on metal detecting in Florida beaches? Here is a quick guide to help you bring on a completely different kind of excitement.

Don’t know the best places to metal detect for old coins? Make the most out of your device by trying out these spots.

Trying to find places to metal detect without permission? If many are into this hobby in your area, then finding the right spots will be easy.

Want to learn more about Bounty Hunter metal detectors? We talked about the different units for each skill level the company offers.