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Best Metal Detectors Under $300: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Our hobbies are not only activities that we find enjoyable but also one of the traits that define our personality.

If you’re someone who likes to take on adventurous excursions to find exciting objects and booty, metal detectors are the ultimate gadgets for you.

However, to make sure you get enough to cover your machine’s cost, you should look for the best metal detector under $300 to get started.

With a long list of products from the genre, finding the perfect one for yourself may become an impossible task.

Don’t worry; we have rounded up the best metal detectors below to help you choose the right unit for yourself.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you need to get hold of a metal detector to find anything valuable. There are many metal detectors in the market, with different specs and features. This technical information can be complex if you are new to treasure hunting. To help you find the best metal detector for the beach, we have reviewed five models.

Our team of experts has reviewed five amazing detectors and has also prepared a detailed buyer’s guide to help you find the best unit to match your preferences and needs.

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Best Budget Friendly Metal Detector: Brief Reviews

This high-quality metal detector is made by OMMO, a well-known brand in the sensory gadgets industry.

Founded in 2016, the company is relatively new but offers a wide range of products that make life easier for its consumers. It has everything from kitchen to outdoor tools.


OMMO metal detectors are formulated with remarkable detecting power and affordable enough to help you pursue your hobby quickly.

Here are the features you’d get from this unit:

  • High-Frequency Sensory Coil

The 10-inch high-frequency sensory coil on this metal detector can detect small metal objects, like coins and trinkets, buried deep underground.

In fact, it can detect objects that are more than eight inches deep.

Besides that, if you come across a larger target, the detector can find it, too. This helps you find stuff quickly and save your time.

  • Waterproof Build With Adjustable Stem

This device is entirely waterproof, making it safe to use in damp areas, around the beach, or even underwater.

In addition, you will like that it has an adjustable stem that makes the device suitable for both adults and children. The stem extends from 30 to 41 inches long.

Lastly, it has a built-in armrest that lets you work effortlessly without any user fatigue.

  • Three Operational Modes

You will also appreciate that this metal detector is a breeze to operate. It has a power button and three different search modes for customization.

The “All-Metal” mode lets you find any kind of metal object buried under the ground.

In case you don’t want to pick up invaluable and bulky items, you can use the Disc and Pinpoint mode.

  • LCD Display

The clear LCD screen helps track real-time updates and customize the device during operation.

This bright screen display not only shows your mode setting but the sensitivity level, volume, and battery level, as well, allowing you to keep everything in check at all times.

  • Complete Accessories

The package includes all necessary accessories, such as a shovel, earphones, and batteries, so you can begin your treasure hunt right away.


✔ Offers precise search results

✔ Resists water damage

✔ Has customizable settings

✔ Easy to operate

✔ Can be used by adults and kids

✔ Comes with a clear and intuitive LCD

✔ All accessories included

✔ Affordable


✘ Battery life lasts only eight hours

✘ Cannot be tested indoors

SUNPOW is a US-based company providing durable tools and gadgets for everyday use. 

Its professional metal detectors boast robust materials and cutting-edge technology to guarantee long-term use.


This high-quality metal detector is one of SUNPOW’s best-selling items. It’s packed with excellent features perfect for professional use.

  • Reliable Search Coil With DSP Technology

The SUNPOW professional metal detector works by pointing out metal objects through its 10-inch search coil and enhanced DSP chip.

Both of these components work together to dig out small metal contents from about eight inches of earth.

They also help improve search quality and make the device highly sensitive, saving you time and effort.

  • IP68 Water-Resistance Rating

This metal detector boasts a water-resistance rating of IP68. This means you can safely use it in damp areas and on beaches.

As such, you can easily take it out whenever you’re on an outdoor excursion and wait for luck to smile upon you.

  • Adjustable Stem

This detector sports an adjustable stem that you can set from 55 inches to 43 inches according to your preference.

This makes it ideal for people of various heights to use easily. For even more convenience, it comes with an adjustable armrest to reduce fatigue.

  • Different Search Modes

Another remarkable feature is its customizable operation. You can select any one of them, depending on the detection efficiency you need.

The “ALL-METAL” mode is powerful enough to detect iron, aluminum, gold, silver, and even bronze.

The “DISC” mode helps you customize your search, detects only valuable metals, and eliminates junk items.

Lastly, in “NOTCH” mode, you can customize the target segments based on your goals.

  • Anti-Interference System

Additionally, the device has a state-of-the-art anti-interference system that helps it work smoothly in different environments. 

While other metal detectors won’t do well in changing environments, this model ensures uniform detection no matter where you use it.

  • With Accessories

This unit comes with a complete package of all the accessories you will need, including a shovel, carry bag, and an instruction manual.


✔ Junk filtering option available

✔ Lightweight and adjustable

✔ Offers maximum comfort when in use

✔ Additional accessories provided

✔ Affordable price range

✔ Comes with a comprehensive user manual


✘ Batteries not included with the package

The company is known for its high-quality sensory solutions for people who love and crave outdoor excursion adventures.

Available in various countries, including Australia, Germany, and Great Britan, this device ensures accessible usage at a reasonable price.


The KingDetector MD-4030 by Wedigout is one of its best products, but why do we love it?

That’s because, thanks to its many features, you can get maximum productivity from it without being an expert in the field.

  • Reliable Detector Coil

This metal detector is equipped with a search coil that measures about 6.5 inches in diameter. This is enough to find coins and lost jewelry on the beach or in the park.

This highly sensitive coil can detect jewelry and coins buried under more than 130 mm underground.

  • Two Search Modes

Using this device, you can search for exciting objects, including coins, gold pellets, jewelry bits, and silver.

It’s versatile and adjustable so that you can use it in any environment. You can easily customize this metal detector according to your convenience.

Set it to “All-Metal” mode to alert you when it finds any kind of metal object. 

Alternatively, you can choose the “Disc” setting, where it will filter out non-valuable, bulky objects automatically. This guarantees you get the value for the time you put in.

  • Adjustable Shaft With Armrests

As with most other options, this model is designed with an adjustable stem. You can either retract or extend it depending on the length you’re comfortable with.

You are also sure to appreciate the comfy armrests that help manage the user’s tiredness. There’s also rubber on the handles so that you always have a secure grip on your device.

  • Earphones or Speaker Mode

The device can be used either on speaker mode or with earphones to avoid attracting unnecessary attention in public places.

  • Lightweight Design

Another exciting aspect of the KingDetector is that it has a sleek, black design that looks great while you’re operating it.

Besides that, the device is lightweight and sports a comfy armrest, so you can go on treasure hunting for hours without feeling tired.

Because it’s lightweight, you can guarantee that you can go on metal detecting for hours without feeling fatigued.


✔ Highly customizable

✔ Precise detection

✔ Sleek, smart design

✔ Lightweight

✔ Adjustable height

✔ Two detection modes reduce unwanted findings

✔ Clear pointer and vision meter system

✔ Easy setup

✔ Handy earphones included


✘ Batteries not provided

✘ Included shovels are feeble

✘ Comparatively low detection depth

Nokta Makro is a Turkish company established back in 2001. It is known to provide efficient metal detectors for professionals and hobbyists alike.

With its products available in more than 150 countries worldwide, Nokta Makro is renowned for its quality assurance and customer service. 


The Simplex Metal Detector is one of their finest products performing well in various environments and providing impeccably accurate results every time. 

  • Larger Search Coil

The device offers the best sensory detection in the market that can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

As far as precision and accuracy are concerned, you’ll find that it has a search coil that is 11 inches in diameter. This makes it larger than any other you’ll find in the market at this price.

  • Steady

One other thing you’ll notice about the Simplex is its robust construction and sturdy exterior. 

Rather than the S-shaped shaft most metal detectors have, this one has a straight, rectangular shaft with rigid tubing.

This helps keep the sensor steady when in operation.

  • Adjustable and Foldable

Besides that, the metal detector is not only adjustable, but it is foldable as well.

This means you can adjust it according to your height and fit it in your car trunk during transportation.

Also, this portable design means that you can easily fit it into your trunk when going out on treasure hunting trips.

  • Lightweight and Balanced Construction

This metal detector is lightweight and has a fine-tuned balance that helps it glide effortlessly across the area.

Its handles are reinforced with sturdy rubber gripping angles and a supportive armrest to ensure tireless operation.

  • Four Search Modes

What’s impressive about this unit is that it has efficiently formulated four search modes that you can select depending on your search environment and weather conditions.

The “All-Metal” mode detects all kinds of metals, while the “Field Mode” and “Park Mode” provide two-tone and three-tone separation.

Lastly, the “Beach” mode is designed to work under salty water and easily distinguish between underwater minerals and metals.

  • Rechargeable Battery

The best feature of this model is its rechargeable battery.

Non-rechargeable batteries will usually give you eight to 10 hours of runtime, but this metal detector has one that can last up to 12 hours.

Also, you can easily plug it in for quick recharging without the hassle of battery replacement.


✔ Reduces user fatigue

✔ Four detection modes for extra customization

✔ Easily rechargeable battery

✔ Good quality headphones included

✔ Extra adjustability for transportation

✔ Clear LCD backlight keypad and screen


✘ Doesn’t support earphones from other brands

COOCHEER is a reputable brand when it comes to high-tech consumer products. 

Founded in 2013, the brand has an extended reach worldwide, including in countries like Australia, Russia, Europe, and North America. 


COOCHEER metal detectors provide top-notch productivity at an affordable price.

It’s perfect for your weekend treasure-hunting endeavors, regardless if you’re a pro or a beginner.

Here are the features you’d enjoy from this unit:

  • Large, Highly Sensitive Search Coil

The search coil on this unit is 10 inches wide, which means that it provides enough sensitivity to search for objects buried deep or right under the ground.

  • Intuitive Screen Display

The screen is intuitive enough so that you get updates on your settings. It also gives real-time updates on whatever the device is picking up.

If that’s not enough, nighttime visibility is possible, too, thanks to the backlit LCD screen and backup LED light.

  • Various Sensory and Depth Level Settings

What’s unique about this model is that it has five different sensory and depth levels. These can help you search at various environments for specific metals of your choice.

Using these modes, you can make sure that you only get the stuff you’re looking for and don’t waste extra time digging for useless objects.

The metal detector has five functional detection modes.

The “All-Metal” mode can detect up to six different metals, while the “DISC” and “Memory” modes help you rule out the metals you don’t need.

Lastly, the “Jewel” mode lets you track valuable metals, and you can use the “PinPoint” mode to track targeted locations only.


  • Adjustable Stem and Comfy Armrest

For your convenience, you can adjust the stem height according to your preference.

There are also the armrests and firm rubber gripping to keep the device steady during operation.

  • Waterproof Construction

You can have the best metal detecting experience with this device thanks to the fact that it has a fully waterproof exterior.

As such, you can use this unit to look for precious metals at the beach and in marshy areas.


✔ Easy setup

✔ Accessible design

✔ Lightweight

✔ Earphone jack and volume controls

✔ Versatile

✔ Non-slip, comfortable handles

✔ Intuitive backlit LCD

✔ Water resistant


✘ Not for underwater use

✘ No additional accessories

Which Is the Best Budget Metal Detector?

So, that concludes our reviews of the best metal detector under 300. Now that you know all the details, it’s time for the final verdict.

While all of these provide professional detecting power and accessible features, the best one, for us, is the Nokta Makro Simplex Detector.

This model boasts the largest sensory coil and the most number of detection modes.

Still, the product with the most appealing features and the highest rating doesn’t need to be the best one for you.

When it comes to devices fit for professionals and hobbyists alike, everyone has their personal needs. That’s why the best choice for you is the one that fits your budget and requirements.