Treasure Hunting

Finding Coins With a Metal Detector

Below we have some great tips for finding coins with a metal detector. Coins are by far the most common items of value that most people find when out treasure hunting. It is a little known fact that there are more coins that have been lost than there actually are in circulation!

Coins can and do turn up just about anywhere. If you have the time to detect and a place to go, then go ahead and give it a try. Though the location may not be the best, you are still more likely to find coins while metal detecting in a poor area than just sitting at home doing nothing.

In addition, anytime that you spend metal detecting will help you to build skill and become better with the detector​, maybe you’ll find something more valuable than a quarter just by chance

While it is not often that a person finds gold coins, silver coins are found somewhat regularly. However, even finding a dime or even a penny is better than a day detecting and finding nothing.


In many areas of the country, fairgrounds have been used for decades. Over the years, many coins have been dropped and are just waiting to be found.

Though getting permission can be difficult, these areas are great producers and are generally peaceful places to detect. Racetracks and athletic fields provide similarly productive places to detect for coins, especially in the off-season when no one else is around.


Beaches are one of the most productive areas to metal detect for the simple reason that it is easy to dig in sand. From the ocean to the local river’s swimming hole, any area where people sunbathe, swim or relax by the water can produce coins.

By going in the off-season these areas will likely be abandoned and you can detect without working around or bothering other people. Metal detecting on beaches can be especially productive in periods of low water when fresh ground is exposed.

Old Home Sites

Places where homes once stood can be a productive place to find coins with a metal detector. This is especially true on private property where few people have ever metal detected.

Coins can often be found near the edges of old homes, presumably near porches or steps where pocket change was dropped. Always watch for cornerstones or other indicators of where a home or other building once stood when detecting in a new area.

Though these old home and buildings may be gone and forgotten, there are likely to be some coins waiting to be found. Even modern homes can be a great source for coins, both new and old.