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Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors: A Quick Guide

Metal detectors put the joy of discovery right in your hands, but not all metal detectors are the same.

Some are all-purpose, others are just for detecting gold. The good news is that we know a place that deals with all kinds of metal detectors.

Based in the USA, Bounty Hunter takes pride in its wide range of high-quality, yet affordable metal detectors; in fact, Bounty Hunter metal detectors are a popular choice for decades.

Be it an occasional hobbyist or a professional detector, Bounty Hunter has covered them all. They even offer one for children.

Bounty Hunter offers durable and reliable detecting tools for beginners, experts, and professionals.

Let’s look at all the categories in detail.

The Starter Pack

This category has premium quality metal detectors for beginners and kids. They have exceptional discrimination features and good depth.

1. Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

Designed for children as young as six years old, the Junior T.I.D metal detector has a compact, easy-to-use, and ergonomic design.

It can detect iron, rings, coins, and other valuables, and offers exceptional discrimination control.

2. Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

On the other hand, the Junior metal detector extends to two and ¼ inches and is a low-end version of the Junior T.I.D.

3. The Metal Detector VLF

The metal detector VLF offers two search modes. It eliminates iron and other unwanted items, detecting only the good stuff.

The VLF metal detector is lightweight, comfortable to use, and has an ergonomic design.

It can detect all objects with the size of the coin buried up to eight inches in the ground and larger objects up to three feet deep.

You can preset the ground balance and variate the levels of discrimination.

4. Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter VLF metal detector offers power and sensitivity control along with auto-ground balance.

This metal detector also provides discrimination control to unwanted items.

5. Gold Digger Metal Detector

The last one is the Gold Digger metal detector. It offers automatic ground balance, tuning, power, and sensitivity control.

There is also a trash eliminator control to make sure it only detects gold. The package contains earphones too.

II. The Intermediate Pack

The intermediate pack is for people who are not experts in metal detecting yet but are close to becoming one.

1. Mach-1 Metal Detector

The Mach-1 provides you with three levels of discrimination and four-segment target identification. It can detect coin-sized objects up to six inches deep.

With a lightweight, ergonomic design, it is easy to hold and move around.

Also, the Mach-1 features three levels of sensitivity control and presets ground balance.

2. Prospector Metal Detector

Then comes the Automatic Ground Trac®. It scans the soil conditions automatically and keeps adjusting accordingly.

There is a precise sensitivity level control that filters out electromagnetic interference and adjusts the depth.

It also has full discrimination capability with three modes of operation.

3. Fast Tracker Metal Detector

Another fantastic metal detector from this category is the Fast Tracking metal detector.

As the name suggests, it has a fast-tracking operation with an automatic ground balancing to detect ground minerals quickly.

This metal detector also features motion-all-metal and discrimination modes.

4. Tracker II Metal Detector

This metal detector has a smooth operation, two-tone radio, automatic, and manual ground balance.

5. Tracker IV Metal Detector

The Tracker IV is the high-end version of Tracker II with the renowned ground balancing features in all types of soil.

It has an analog meter, three modes of operations, user-controlled sensitivity, and discrimination.

6. QuickSilver Metal Detector

Last but not least is the Quick Silver metal detector with fully automatic ground balance and LCD control panel.

It features push-button discrimination and one-touch depth control.

There is also a four-segment digital target I.D and three-tone audio feedback.

III. The Advanced Pack

The advanced pack is the right fit for you if you are a pro in metal detecting.

Let’s have a look at what this package includes.

1. The Commando Metal Detector

Designed truly for the commandos of treasure hunting, this metal detector offers three operation modes and two-tone audio discrimination.

It also has other features such as motion detection, position mode switch, sensitivity adjustment, and automatic ground balance.

2. Lone Star Metal Detector

Next is the Lone Star metal detector, featuring a touch-pad selection panel with variable discrimination controls.

It also has a five-segment target I.D, three-tone audio feedback, and three operation modes to provide flexibility in various kinds of hunting.

For automatic elimination of unwanted objects, this metal detector uses auto-notch.

3. Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Finally, there is a Quick Draw II metal detector with a digital coin depth indicator.

You can choose between the variable and auto notch modes.

There are a nine-segment digital target I.D. and a three-tone feedback feature.

IV. The Serious Pack

As the name suggests, this pack is all about serious treasure hunters.

Here are some highly advanced metal detectors from Bounty Hunter that can change the game for you:

1. Land Star Metal Detector

The Land Star metal detector allows you to choose between manual and automatic ground balancing.

It offers four-level iron discrimination that maximizes relic hunting, nine-segment visual target I.D., and three-tone audio feedback.

Also, there is a digital coin depth indicator for quick and better treasure hunting.

2. Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector

This metal detector comes with electronics controlled by a microprocessor and a touch-pad control panel.

It has four modes of operation, three-tone audio discrimination, and automatic ground balance.

You will also get a motion discrimination system, auto-notch and variable notch control system, and no-motion all-metal mode.

3. Time Ranger Metal Detector

Last but not least, the Time Ranger metal detector offers a fully programmable operation for increased flexibility and better function.

Its blanker feature removes the undesired objects with push-button technology.

There is also a mode called Sniff that clones targets for better and precise hunting.

It also has three tone audio discrimination, target-ID, and depth readout features.


No matter if you are new or old to treasure hunting, the Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors can provide you with what you need.

The wide range of metal detectors helps in choosing the best option among many from a single place.

The Bounty Hunter Starter Pack is excellent if you are looking for a simpler detector to begin with.

Teenagers will do great with the VLF metal detectors from the same pack. The fast tracker can also be a good choice for adolescents.

For more sophisticated features, consider getting one from the brand’s Advanced or Serious Pack. 

Happy Treasure Hunting!