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Best Metal Detector for the Beach

Beach is one of the perfect places for metal detecting since you may find many things buried under the sand that seawater might bring, or some visitors could drop. You can find coins, relics, or even gold with this hobby. However, you can have the best experience only if you own a reliable and the best metal detector for beach.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you need to get hold of a metal detector to find anything valuable. There are many metal detectors in the market, with different specs and features. This technical information can be complex if you are new to treasure hunting. To help you find the best metal detector for the beach, we have reviewed five models.

Our team of experts has reviewed five amazing detectors and has also prepared a detailed buyer’s guide to help you find the best unit to match your preferences and needs.

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Best Metal Detector for the Beach: Brief Reviews

Ohuhu Metal Detector is a highly advanced, ultra-sensitive detector, designed for beach and forest treasure hunting. The product comes from a well-known Chinese brand, primarily recognized for its high-quality markers, pens, and other school supplies. This Metal Detector is one of their recreational products, designed for outdoor activity.

Even though primarily designed for kids, Ohuhu Metal Detector is equally effective for adults. Whether you’re looking for something valuable or planning a fun activity with family, this metal detector works perfectly.

Product Highlights

It features a pinpointer function to detect the accurate position of your catches. The Metal Detector can accurately find up to seven types of metal, which include gold, silver, brass, aluminum, and iron. Allowing you to easily find metal up to six inches deep in the ground.

Above all the waterproof search coil makes it a perfect detector for use at the beach. You can fully submerge the search coil in the water and continue your quest for some relics. Indeed also good for material examinations and safety inspections.

What We Like:

The best thing about the Ohuhu Metal Detector is that it features an adjustable stem, making it suitable for both kids and adults. It’s also lightweight, around 5.1 pounds, and easy to handle. 

What We Did Not Like:

Unfortunately, the control panel is not waterproof, making it effective in shallow water only. A complete waterproof body would have made this metal detector more durable.


✔ Lightweight

✔ Easy to use for beginners

✔ Accessories included (foldable shovel and carrying bag)


✘ Control panel is not waterproof

✘ A bit pricey

SUNPOW is a USA-based brand that offers a good range of diagnostics and test tools for home and garden along with stationery and office supplies. This metal detector is a part of their outdoor and sports collection.

If you are looking for a metal detector with high sensitivity and volume adjustable features, then SUNPOW Metal Detector is the one for you. It gives accurate results and is an excellent choice for both kids and adults.

Product Highlights

SUNPOW Metal Detector comes with a pinpointer and DISC mode for detecting silver, gold, nickel, brass, and more. DISC identification function helps you find your desired metals while rejecting the unwanted metals.

What We Like:

The best thing about the SUNPOW Metal Detector is its sensitivity controller. You can adjust its sensitivity to a higher level when looking for a target, as well as choose to lower it if you experience any instability due to electrical interference or complex soil mineralization.

What We Did Not Like:

SUNPOW Metal Detector’s trash elimination control doesn’t seem to work at its best. Also, for such a user-friendly metal detector, it does not offer an impressive depth.


✔ DISC mode for precise metal detection

✔ Lightweight and sturdy

✔ Value for money

✔ Humanized design


✘ No shovel included

✘ Trash elimination control needs improvement

✘ Less search depth

Garrett is a reliable name when it comes to detectors. It’s one of the leading brands, with their Garrett Ace series metal detectors being top of the line.

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector is a high quality, affordable professional metal detector. One of the best metal detectors in the market, known for its precision and accuracy.

Ace 400 features three tones, including high, medium, and low. These are based on the conductivity and size of the target.

Product Highlights

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector comes with a large waterproof search coil, specifically 8.5 x 11 inches, which delivers greater depth and better iron discrimination. It is perfect for looking underwater or in the rain. Moreover it also supports an adjustable arm strap for user convenience.

The Metal Detector includes an electronic pinpointer for precise target location. In fact, it comes with five search modes that include custom, coins, relics, zero discrimination, and jewelry.

What We Like:

Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector offers adjustable frequency and new, better, and more stable CamLocks. You get very accurate target ID numbers ranging from 0 to 99, which tells you the type of metal you have detected.

What We Did Not Like:

This Metal Detector is very heavy for kids and some people to handle it comfortably.



✔ Perfect for the entry to mid-level detectorists

✔ Exclusive two-year warranty

✔ Digital target ID

✔ Iron audio


✘ Does not have ground balance adjustment

✘ Very heavy

✘ Low-quality headphones

✘ Very pricey

Sakobs Metal Detector for adults is a top quality high precision metal detector with helpful features that make it the best metal detector for beginners and pros alike. Whether you just want to have fun detecting or are on a lookout for valuable objects, this would make a great detector.

It includes discrimination mode and distinctive audio prompt that enables you to eliminate any metal you don’t want to search. Its lightweight and adjustable stem design make it an ideal option for all age groups, be it kids, teenagers, or adults.

Product Highlights

Sakobs Metal Detector supports four detection modes to eliminate undesirable metals; these include all-metal, TONE, DISC, and Pinpoint. In addition, the LCD of Sakobs is big, clear, and easy to read and understand. This metal detector promises accuracy with simple and easy operation.

Additionally, The Sakobs Metal Detector comes with eight inches waterproof search coil, with four sensitivity modes to detect treasure up to 8.7 inches underground.

What We Like:

The detection coil of the Sakobs Metal Detector is eight inches in size; this bigger coil ensures that the sensitivity and range are improved. It also supports audio alert detection along with the adjustment of volume and headphone jack. In addition to this, the stem is adjustable between 41.3 inches and 47.6 inches, making it more handy for both adults and kids.

What We Did Not Like:

As a matter of fact, the control box of the Sakobs Metal Detector is not waterproof, even though the detection coil is. This restricts the use of metal detectors under deep water or sometimes in heavy rain.



✔ Better LCD

Effective discrimination mode

Waterproof coil

60-day full money refund policy

24-month guarantee

24/7, 365 technical support along with friendly customer service

Lightweight with adjustable stem design

Free shovel


Control panel is not waterproof

SUNCOO Adjustable Metal Detector is a high precision two-mode metal detector. Due to its accuracy and various user-friendly features, it’s popular among kids and adults alike.

It includes discrimination mode and distinctive audio prompt that enables you to eliminate any metal you don’t want to search. Its lightweight and adjustable stem design make it an ideal option for all age groups, be it kids, teenagers, or adults.

Product Highlights

With the two-mode metal detection, the SUNCOO Adjustable Metal Detector can locate various metals, which include silver, gold, iron, bronze, and aluminum. These two metal detection modes are all-metal mode and disc mode. The latter mode helps the elimination of unwanted metal, focusing only on the desired one.

A light flash and an alarm signal notify the detection of metal in the SUNCOO Adjustable Metal Detector. Waterproof search coil with adjustable stem makes it even more user-friendly. This metal detector can locate metal, up to 7.1 inches deep underground.

What We Like:

SUNCOO Adjustable Metal Detector comes with an LCD that shows the type of object you will detect along with its depth, sensitivity level, and the battery condition. The pinpoint feature locates the exact point of the target.

Its bigger, waterproof detection coil, around 7.1 inches, ensures more efficient and higher sensitivity. The lightweight design and adjustable stem, from 29.9” to 39.8”, make it an ideal detector for kids and adults alike.

What We Did Not Like:

Although the search coil is waterproof, the control box is not. Thus, you cannot go metal detecting in deep water or heavy rain without a cover.


✔ Lightweight and easy to use

Adjustable stem

Waterproof search coil

Pinpoint function

Suitable for both kids and adults


Not fully waterproof

Buyer’s Guide

The main purpose of these reviews and product descriptions is to provide you awareness. You must know as a consumer, which features would best suit your interests. Once you know them, it wouldn’t be hard to choose the right metal detector anymore. Know the basics before investing in anything. 

Here is what you need to know about the metal detectors:

1. Metal Detecting Technology

Metal detectors come in numerous designs and offer to perform multiple functions. Since you need to look for the one that performs best on a beach, where there is salt water, you must choose metal detectors with multiple frequencies or pulse induction.

  • Pulse Induction 

Detectors with pulse induction technology deliver professional hunting results for the experts. PI detectors are the best as they provide better depth than others. Such are perfect for gold prospecting and beach hunting.

  • Multi-Frequency 

These metal detectors are comparatively more expensive than regular detectors with a single frequency. Multiple frequency detectors deliver at substantial depths and provide accurate target ID as well. The above-mentioned multi-frequency machines perform as all in one since they perform great at any location.

2. Waterproof, Water-resistant, Submersible?

Most metal detectors feature submersible coils, stating their design as waterproof. However, their control panels are usually just water-resistant, so they cannot be submerged in water, or they may malfunction.

That said, some metal detectors come with fully submersible designs; these are ideal for underwater hunting. If you plan on using your underwater metal detector, you should invest in a fully submersible design. Assuming you plan on some shallow water metal detecting, you should get yourself detectors with completely submersible coils.

3. Coil Size

Coil size plays a vital role in metal detecting. Their size determines the sweep range, heft, and surface resistance of a metal detector. There are two ways in which coils are categorized:

  • Large Coils 

Larger coils deliver greater depths with better sweep range. Its size adds to the weight of the unit, though, eventually making it heavier and inconvenient for a longer run.

Manufacturing companies are coming up with ways to balance the weight. We would recommend you to use a chest harness if you plan on metal hunting for hours on the beach. For underwater hunting, though, using an open coil is the best option for you since you will endure less surface tension.

  • Small Coils 

Smaller coils provide accurate pinpointing readings. These are ideal for underwater where you can’t see as well as on a trashy beach, so you know the exact spot to look at. The small coils are faster and more effective at target separation than larger coils.

4. Accessories

Various metal detectors come with numerous accessories to add on to their usability, as well as their uniqueness. These accessories come in handy; don’t forget to check on these accessories when buying a metal detector.

  • Headphones

Headphones are one of the most important accessories for metal detectors. You cannot hunt successfully on a noisy beach as you are most likely to miss the signal. Having a high-quality pair of headphones might isolate you from the outside clamor, and you may end up landing on relics, lost items, and more.

  • Trowel

This is one of the most important accessories for metal detecting, especially if you are going for smaller digs. You should keep a trowel with you, so you can dig whenever you get a signal, without hurting your hands. Trowels are also handy for sifting and finding smaller objects through a pile of sand.

  • Shovel 

Whenever you go metal detecting for larger areas, you need a tool for digging when you get the signal. A shovel is a tool you must have, but many people find it hard to carry around due to its size.

In such scenarios, you can opt for a trowel. But the importance of having a shovel remains undenied. Either get yourself a shovel, dig the larger areas in less time or spend hours digging with your handheld trowels.

  • Chest Harness

If you plan on hunting for a longer time, chest harness is a must-have. You don’t have to carry all the weight on your arms and shoulders, as it would be distributed evenly to minimize exertion.

  • Mesh Pouch

Essentially invest in a mesh pouch if you plan on metal detecting underwater, as you need something to carry your findings. A mesh pouch is ideal for this purpose due to its strong structure with tiny holes. This structure holds your items safely without adding to the weight.

  • Pinpointer

Many metal detectors come with built-in pinpointers. Pinpointers help you find smaller items, such as rings, pins, and others, faster and more accurately.


1. Can You Go Metal Detecting Anywhere?

No, you cannot go metal detecting anywhere unless you have special permission or an issued permit. Most of the places in federal and state lands are off-limits. 

In many states, numerous counties have strictly prohibited metal detecting in their public parks. Within some places, you are allowed to go metal detecting in parks but are not allowed to remove anything from there.

2. Is It Legal to Use a Metal Detector on the Beach?

Generally, you are allowed to go metal detecting on the beach, but some countries don’t allow metal detecting on their beaches and strictly prohibit it. You must take some time and find out if the beach is part of a sanctuary or is a piece of a state or federal park. In such cases, you are not allowed to go metal detecting. 

We would recommend you to find the person in charge of the beach and seek permission if you want to go hunting.

Personally, we must add that it is an ethical responsibility for treasure hunters with metal detectors to declare any archeological or historical find to the right authorities. On federal lands, laws are regulating archeological sites. Make sure you understand what its implications are even if you have a permit.

3. Can You Metal Detect on Florida Beaches?

In Florida, the use of a metal detector generally doesn’t require a special permit. You are free to go metal detecting on public beaches without fear. 

Nonetheless, trespassing on private property, of course, is illegal.

On the beach, you, as a metal detector user, must be careful not to stray onto leased areas or private property unless you get permission by the owner.

Any objects you discover in the sand of a public beach would fall under the “finders keepers” law. There are no known gold deposits in Florida, but there are many documented, yet undiscovered shipwrecks around Florida, and you can find coins that may wash ashore on the beaches. Learn more here.

4. Can You Make Money Metal Detecting?

The odds of getting rich just by metal detecting are very low. So if you plan on taking up metal detecting, you better not quit your job. That said, you can make some decent money if you give some time and do some research.

The most common items worth something are coins and jewelry. People often lose these things in public spaces like the beach or a park.

You are not going to make a fortune selling these, but for a hobby, you can end up getting quite good money. The key is to find out areas with a high probability of finding things. For instance, you may not find a lot of stuff on a secluded beach with no swimmers and sunbathers.

You can make good money with rare and prehistoric coins, but they can be tough to detect. A good place to look would be the one with some history. Towns that have been inhabited for centuries could potentially have ancient coins buried in its grounds.

5. How Deep Does a Metal Detector Detect?

A good quality metal detector can detect up to six to ten inches deep under the ground, for a small object such as a coin. It’s possible to detect larger objects as much as 14 inches to 16 inches in favorable conditions.

However, no absolute reading can be told, as it depends on various factors at play. Mostly you can find out about the depth of the metal detector by the size of its search coil. The depth is at least a half size larger than the coil.

Some of the factors affecting the depth include the size of the object you are trying to detect, the discrimination level you have set, the metallic structure of the target, closeness of the main target to other larger metallic objects in the same vicinity, and the metal detector’s sensitivity settings.

When you are out metal detecting, you can’t predict the multiple types of ground you will come across. Many detectorists usually prefer a wet ground over dry ground.

It’s because wet ground increases the conductivity of targets. Do note though, that deeper detection is difficult on the wet ground! Often moist ground, allows you to easily detect the buried coins easily, especially after a rain.

If you are hunting with your metal detector in the rain, then make sure you are using a waterproof metal detector. Most of these machines are generally waterproof, right up to the control box.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, having the right tools would deliver the best result for you. It’s obvious that a good quality metal detector can make all the difference. If this machine offers you promising results, your interest may deepen.

Treasure Hunting promotes learning and indulging yourself in practical knowledge. You get to learn a lot about metal detecting, its basics along with the metal detectors so that you can use them to their full potential.