Treasure Hunting

Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

Metal detecting is an exciting activity, which is why it is no surprise that more and more people are embracing it as a hobby.

What’s great about it is the excitement one gets when they hit the jackpot and got their hands on some valuable stuff.

Are you curious to know what the best places to go metal detecting are?

Below, we listed down some of the best places to use a metal detector, so you can start planning your next treasure hunting adventure.

Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

Recently got a metal detector but not really sure where to use it?

The idea is to start from public points, where people might lose their coins, jewelry pieces, or other valuables. There’s more to it, though.

Let’s see which places you should visit to start your treasure hunt:

1. Beaches

Spending the day at the beach is everyone’s ideal day, right?

When friends and family want some good time, they usually visit the beach.

More people means higher chances of them accidentally dropping things like coins or earrings.

There are also times when, as they enjoy their day swimming, their rings slip off from their fingers unknowingly.

Also, metal detecting at the beach means more chances of finding ancient coins, precious jewelry, and treasure that the water might have washed out.

The best time to visit a beach is before sunset if you are up for hunting. That way,  you can easily search for stuff and enjoy yourself.

Keep in mind that a regular metal detector won’t work well at the beach; you’d need to invest in one that’s designed solely for that purpose.

For private beaches, you would need to get permission from the concerned authorities. Otherwise, you might face some hefty fines.

On the other hand, you can dig and hunt for stuff on many public beaches without any consent. 

2. Parks

Like beaches, parks are also a favorite meeting spot for most people.

Other than coins, people even lose gold chains, pendants, and rings in parks. That’s why it is one of the best places to use a metal detector.

Parks also conduct fairs and festivals, so you never know when you might end up digging something valuable.

There is a high chance of discovering valuables where people usually sit in a park, like under trees, benches, and swings.

Also, check the walking paths and food places, as they are the most common spots people use.

Finally, you’d also want to make sure you don’t catch any fishy stares from people while you are out being a detective.

3. Stadiums

The next option is to visit a stadium and explore the site with your metal detector. 

When people are jumping in excitement and cheering for their favorite team, they may drop some valuable jewelry pieces and coins.

The best part?  Tourists who are into sports also visit stadiums to witness an exciting match.

In fact, some even visit different countries only to support their team.

Why is this important, though? Well, only because this gives you a golden chance to collect coins from different parts of the world!

So, when’s the best time to go metal detecting in a stadium?

Once the match is over, you can plan a visit and carry on with your task. That’s the most common practice of detectorists. 

Note that stadiums are private properties, which means you’d need to get written permission to execute your plan without facing any hurdles.

4. Churches

We bet you weren’t expecting churches on our to-hunt list. Then again, metal detecting is all about trying new places.

If you are wondering why churches, here is your answer: Churches are one of the oldest buildings, and you can find ancient coins there.

Worshippers usually carry coins to offer alms and drop them around in the churchyard.

You should visit a churchyard only if you are brave enough to visit old buildings alone. Better yet, you can take your friends along with you, as well.

Once you are on your mission, search under old trees for coins as people usually rest there. 

Moreover, don’t forget to take permission from the churchwarden before you start your hunt.

5. Fields

You’ll find it unusual, but fields are the favorite destination of metal detectorists.

The cultivated areas are ideal because the older soil brings hidden objects near the surface.

You always need to conduct in-depth research before going to any farmer’s field, though.

Another excellent option is to get in contact with the locals and ask for help.

Ask them if people visited the field for meetings or had an event in the past. 

Also, inquire if there were some houses in the area, which is a plus point for you.

Mostly, fields occupy a large area that is yet to be discovered. So, complete your homework and make a foolproof plan to visit and explore a field.

Like all other places, keep the privacy concern in mind and ask for permission from the authorities.

6. Battle Sites

If you have a craze for historical items, the battlefield is the right place to get something ancient and valuable.

Whether you are in the U.S. or elsewhere, different places have hosted battles.

Search for such areas where you might find uniform buttons, badges, rings, bayonets, and other war-related stuff.

The chances are odd because many people have already searched those places, but you can always try your luck if you want to visit a battlefield. 

Moreover, once you find a historical piece, you can also share it with the archaeology department and receive a decent sum of money for your achievement.

7. Woodlands

Hikers and adventurous souls use woodlands. In the past, they were common meeting points and have welcomed a lot of traffic over the years.

The uncertain bumps and paths are the reason why people drop stuff on their way, and this is why woodlands are a great place to get coins and old relics.

Some of the areas in the woodlands might have even escaped a bulldozer for decades, so you would want to check and explore the paths with your metal detector.

8. Gold Hunting Grounds

Are you a gold digger? 

If you enjoy metal hunting, you can also find gold nuggets and get a lot of cash.

Before landing on the gold hunting adventure, make sure to do proper research on the places where gold nuggets were first discovered.

That will make your journey easier and quicker.

If the stars are in your favor, you might even find something worth a fortune.

In 2019, a local hobbyist found a 1.4 kg gold nugget in the goldfields of Western Australia, which was worth USD 69,000. 

However, this is not the only case, as there have been several other reported findings of gold nuggets.

Who knows? You might just be the next one!

A Word of Caution

While trying out these places, you can fall into problems if you end up invading private property.

Remember to take permission from owners before you go to private properties for metal hunting.

This way, you can save yourself from fines and other legal issues.

It’s good to have fun, but you should also stay careful for your own safety.


Now that you know the best spots to use a metal detector, where would you go first?

For collecting coins and jewelry, stadiums and parks are excellent locations, while churches and battlegrounds are the right places if you are looking for historical items.

Beaches are great for finding modern treasures because of the regular visitors and the activity of tidal waves.