Treasure Hunting

Best Wireless Headphones for Metal Detecting: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Today’s advanced metal detectors let hobbyists find treasures buried deep in the earth, but that’s not enough.

You would need many accessories, such as specially designed headphones, for the metal detector to work efficiently.

The best wireless headphones for metal detecting make all the difference between superficial and treasure hunters, but they are not readily and widely available in the market.

If you hunt deep enough, though, you will find some worthy models, such as the five models we will review today.

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Best Metal Detector for the Beach: Brief Reviews

Founded in 1964, Garrett aims to continue building reliable sport and security detectors.

The company mainly focuses on customer satisfaction as loyalty is the real source of success.

With the Garrett MS-3 Wireless Headphone Kit, you won’t have to tie the headphone with your metal detector.

The kit includes a two-pin AT connector that allows you to hear both the detector and the pin alarm in your headphone, even in the noisiest of surroundings.

Product Highlights

The Garrett MS-3 Wireless Headphones works with various VLF and pulse detectors, making it versatile and convenient.

It displays lightning-fast speed with 12-millisecond delays, which means it is up to six times faster than Bluetooth speed.

The Garrett MS-3 Wireless Headphone Kit comes with a Z-Lynk Pro-Pointer AT, which you can easily sync to your Z-Lynk enabled detector with a press of a button.

The Z-Lynk kit also works with every detector that has a 1/4 inch headphone slot.

The Pro-Pointer AT has three sensitivity levels and single button operation for Power, Retune, Sensitivity adjustment, and Stealth Mode.

Plus, the whole system is water-resistant, so the rain won’t damage it, and you can also use it in areas with minimal water.

The Good:

You will find the Garrett MS-3 Wireless Headphones‘ adjustable headband and ear cushions extra comfy. After a while, you won’t even notice they are there.

You also get to control the volume of the headphones to adjust them according to the surrounding noise.

Apart from that, the Pro-Pointer AT in the kit is super easy to use and allows fast retune to narrow down the detection field with a single click.

The Bad:

Though designed for outdoor use, the Garrett MS-3 Wireless Headphone Kit lacks headphone covers to help keep them safe from dust or water.

We also noticed that the mounting bands that come with the kit aren’t very useful for attaching the transceiver to the detector.

Since the kit stands in the mid-price range, we would also have preferred a better recharge time than the five-hour duration.

However, it allows up to 30 hours of operation.


✔ Versatile usage

✔ Near-zero delay in sound

✔ Exceptional battery life

✔ Two-year warranty


✘ Not waterproof

✘ Unusable mounting bands

✘ Longer recharge time

A notable manufacturer of metal detectors and accessories, Quest, was founded by detectorists interested in valuables’ recovery.

The Quest AT WA Pro Wireless Headphones has the most comfortable and lightweight design for long term wearing.

Although these headphones are on the expensive side, they offer advanced technology and value for money.

The pair is compatible with the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, and Infinium Metal Detectors.

Product Highlights

The Quest 1V_1604.104 AT WA Pro Wireless Headphones has a design that can survive the rainy weather while the exclusive structure ensures better noise isolation.

It is USB rechargeable and easy to attach, which makes it convenient for novice hobbyists.

For what’s more, the headphones transfer the original audio signal without any distortion and minimal delay.

You will also find the one-touch button control very useful during long hours of hunting.

The Good:

Sound delays can be a big problem with low-quality headphones that detect the target inaccurately, which makes you dig in the wrong location.

That is not an issue with the Quest 1V_1604.104 AT WA Pro Wireless Headphones.

Although it depends on Bluetooth for functioning, it has a minimal delay time of merely 0.06 seconds. That means more accuracy and less confusion.

Another advantage of the product is that you can pair it with the Garrett Pro-Pointer.

It increases the efficiency of your quests by giving you more control for a faster recovery.

The Bad:

The battery time of the Quest 1V_1604.104 AT WA Pro Wireless Headphones is less than 14 hours, which is a bummer.

If you are a serious hobbyist, you have to recharge it every time before going out.

If you don’t detect for hours on end, though, the battery is more than enough for you.

Additionally, we found no light indicator on the set that would indicate a low battery.


✔ Lightweight and comfortable

✔ Original sound signal with minimal delay

✔ Rain-proof

✔ Has a great tone


✘ Short battery life

✘ No battery indicator light

✘ On the expensive side

Established in 2001 in Istanbul, Nokta Detectors is one of the leading brands in the metal detector industry.

In 2014, the company bought the Makro Detectors, and now it provides Nokta and Makro branded detectors to more than 150 countries in the world.

The Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones works wirelessly with most Nokta Makro metal detectors.

Product Highlights

The Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones is compatible with Nokta Makro Anfibio, Kruzer, Gold Kruzer, Impact, Gold Racer, RACER 2, PulseDive, and Invenio metal detectors.

It allows you to hear the deepest signals with a 33 feet transmission range.

It has 14 to 20 hours of battery life, making it usable all day long without worrying about recharging.

The Good:

The Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones emits beeps to indicate battery status, which makes it easier to know when to recharge.

A single beep indicates a low battery while five beeps confirm full charging.

We also found that it takes less than three hours to charge, which is not bad considering the usage hours.

The Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones stands out from the crowd because of its unique design having green details.

It also fits comfortably on the ears due to the soft cushioning all around.

The Bad:

The earpads in the Nokta 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones are on the smaller side, making them unsuitable for some users.

However, the whole piece is adjustable so that it can fit different head types.

Additionally, most pairs in this price range include a headset cover, which the Nokta 2.4 GHz lacks.

As it is designed for people who seek both style and performance, the lack of cover might be a turn off for some users.


✔ Attractive design

✔ Efficient battery indicator

✔ Long battery life

✔ Wide transmission range


✘ Smaller earpads

✘ No cover included

In 1958 John C. Koss teamed up with Martin Lange, Jr. to produce the first stereophone.

Since then, music lovers around the world recognize the quality sound as The Sound of Koss.

In 2014, Koss came out with the Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones that proved to be a technological powerhouse.

These headphones incorporate an advanced Bluetooth chip, NFC pairing, and aptX® codec for ultimate performance.

Product Highlights

The Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones features a simple design and state-of-the-art technology for rich sound output.

You can connect your BT540i with any Bluetooth-enabled metal detector, and it will deliver quality at its finest.

Since it is an all-purpose pair of headphones, it reduces external noise for maximum clarity and rich sound.

Plus, the Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones gives 12 hours of listening time after a single charge.

The Good:

The ergonomic button array near the ear pads gives total control over the headphones’ volume and functions.

The premium leather cushioning closes any gaps around the ears for better noise isolation and a comfortable fit.

Another good thing is that it can fold flat and comes with a travel case for easy carrying.

You also get a USB cable along with the Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones for easy charging no matter where you are.

The Bad:

The Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones is one of the mid-range headphones, so you have to look at it as an investment.

The headphones disappointed us to some extent, with the limited battery life.

In this price range, We would expect it to deliver at least a 14-hour battery time after a single charge.

Another thing that might bug some users is the simple design of the product.

Nonetheless, the Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones has a pretty sophisticated and straightforward design which many people prefer.


✔ Ergonomic buttons

✔ Soft leather cushioning for a comfortable fit

✔ Portable

✔ Great sound quality


✘ Limited battery life

✘ Simple design

✘ Expensive

Buyers Guide

Headphones are not just an accessory to your metal detector. They are more of an add-on that allows the machine to work more efficiently.

The components and frequencies of metal detecting headphones are specially chosen to let you hear the faintest of sounds with most detectors.

They pick up signals that you normally can’t pick. Hence, you must choose a set of headphones that efficiently pairs with your metal detector to give a quality output.

To make things easier for you, we have listed some key features to consider when you plan to purchase wireless headphones for metal detecting.

1. Branding and Compatibility

A good brand can make all the difference in your treasure hunting experience, but the most important thing is to check if your headphones are compatible with the metal detector you are using.

Before making a purchase, check if the headphones are compatible with your specific detector model.

Some headphones are designed to work with specific models and brands, so they may not work with other brands.

To avoid troubles, it would be best to go for the same brand for your headphones and metal detector.

You must also check the headphone jack and sound type to ensure it goes with your machine.

In case your headphones don’t attach with the detector due to a different jack type, you can go for an adapter.

2. Comfort

You will be spending an average of two to four hours on the field every time you go metal detecting.

As such, your headphones should feel comfortable on your ears for the specified time, or better yet, longer than that.

Some pairs of headphones might come off as comfortable at first, but they can be very irritating after a while.

Therefore, always check the cushioning of the headphones before buying.

Likewise, you don’t want to go for a pair that’s too tight, as they might cause discomfort later on.

Another critical factor is the weight of the headset. A bulky pair can cause fatigue after a few hours of usage and leave you exhausted for the rest of the day.

We recommend a pair of metal-detecting headphones with a lightweight and user-friendly design that fits well on your head but is not too tight to cause discomfort.

3. Durability

Similar to a metal detector, your headphones are an investment, so you can’t keep changing it or replacing broken parts and accessories every few months.

Find one that can last for a good time until you’re ready to buy a new one.

If you are going for wired headphones, you need to check the durability of the cord. A flimsy wire means it is prone to wear and tear or get pulled out by accident very easily.

Wired or wireless, always check the headphones construction. Make sure they are made of good, if not high, quality materials.

The cushioning on the earpads also needs to be durable so that it won’t come off in pieces after a few months.

4. Sound Quality

Sounds are an essential part of metal detecting. If your headphones are not good enough to catch the faintest of beeps, you won’t be left with much and might not succeed in finding items.

The other thing you need to have is sound control. Let us assume your headset gives off high-quality tones, but are they adjustable? 

A good pair of headphones has volume control buttons to fine-tune the sounds.

If you have very high ohm headphones paired with a high volume machine, they might be too loud for your ears, and you won’t have any control over it.

On the other hand, some headphones are simply too loud and rich for the metal detectors, giving you no room for adjustments.

Always make sure the sound of your headphones and metal detector complement each other.

5. Cost

If you are a serious hobbyist, you can consider investing more on your pair of headphones.

On the contrary, if you just want to try metal detecting to figure out if you like it, it might be wiser to go for beginner headphones.

They are not overly expensive, and you can always try another if they don’t fit you.

Keep in mind that these headphones will only be suitable for minor exploration. You can’t go gold hunting with them.

6. Waterproofing

If you plan on continuing your hobby and take it further ahead with time, you might want to consider waterproof headphones.

You will find more valuables underwater than on land. So, once you have some experience, you can go into the depths of the sea for advanced exploration.

You can’t do this unless your headphones can resist water.

Similarly, you won’t have to worry about your headphones getting damaged once the rain pours while metal detecting.

After all, Mother Nature is unpredictable. Plus, owning a pair of waterproof headphones won’t go to waste, even if you quit metal detecting.

7. Extra Features

With the advancement in technology, newer models of headphones have features that help you improve your metal detecting adventures.

For instance, standard Bluetooth connectivity can cause a time delay in the sound. So, you can go for the latest Bluetooth version or the low-latency Bluetooth to avoid delays.

Apart from that, if you are always on-the-go, make sure the headsets come with a traveling case or a cover for easy portability.

Metal Detector Headphones FAQs

1. Do You Need Headphones for a Metal Detector?

Although metal detectors can detect metals and alert you with the built-in speakers, wearing headphones can massively enhance your metal detecting experience.

They allow you to hear sounds better and might give you an idea of what you will find. That way, you can save your time and energy.

It is easy to miss faint beeps without headphones, especially in places with a lot of noise such as beaches and parks.

Metal detector headphones make it easier to spot your target. They can also differentiate between types of signals to estimate the size and type of metal.

2. Will Headphones Set Off a Metal Detector?

Since metal detectors detect ferrous metals, a headphone can set it off.

You might also hear a high-pitched noise in your headphones during exploration.

Headphones have ferrous metal parts inside them, so the alternating magnetism creates a current, resulting in feedback.

3. Can You Use Any Headphones for Metal Detecting?

Yes, you can use any headphones for metal detecting as long as they fit in your detector. Otherwise, you can also use an adaptor in many cases.

Nonetheless, using a headset not designed for this specific purpose might cause issues. 

Some metal detectors use mono, while others use stereo sound. Mono uses a single channel for the transfer of audio signal, while stereo uses two or more channels.

Since many metal detector headphones can work with both mono and stereo, they are suitable for various detectors.

Contrarily, your standard earphones might not work properly due to this system.

Another reason for using metal detector headphones is that they are made explicitly for this job.

They can cancel the external noises more efficiently while offering rich sound quality.

They are also made with comfort in mind, which makes them better for long periods of use.

4. Do Metal Detectors Detect AirPods?

Yes, a metal detector can detect AirPods, given it’s powerful enough.

Final Verdict

A good pair of wireless headphones for metal detecting can enhance your experience and increase your findings.

We are sure you can find the best wireless headphones for metal detecting after reading our reviews and guide. 

If you are a serious metal detector, the Garrett MS-3 Wireless Headphone Kit with Z-Lynk Pro-Pointer AT might be the best option.

The headphone kit provides a versatile usage with near-zero delays in sound. You can also control the volume of the headset for added convenience.

Plus, the battery will last longer than a day, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can consider the Koss BT540i Bluetooth Headphones.

It has a simple design with ergonomic buttons and rich sound output, and the leather cushioning makes it super comfortable to wear all day long.