Treasure Hunting

Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector Review

Quick Overview



✔ Sleek and lightweight

✔ Amazing discrimination mode

✔ Large LCD

✔ Waterproof search coil

✔ Easy to use

✔ Very affordable


Not applicable for deep metal detection


Have you always wanted to go treasure hunting? You can now live out your childhood dreams thanks to affordable metal detectors.

In case you don’t know, you can find different types of metals underground without the need to spend too much money on equipment—a simple metal detector would do the trick.

The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector is one of the most versatile devices on the market. It is designed to be used by both professionals and beginners.

The Bounty Hunter Land Star review below aims to help you decide if this device fits your preferences or not.

The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector is a powerful and affordable metal detecting system that provides extreme versatility to users.

Since it is very simple to operate, affordable, and has amazing features, a lot of treasure hunting enthusiasts recommend it.

Although it is not as powerful as the other more expensive alternatives, it is a popular option because the basic features that you need from a metal detector are already available.

Who Is This Product For?

The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector can be used for professional metal detecting and leisure purposes.

If you want your kids to experience metal detecting and use it to find random metals from the ground, this metal detector is a good option.

If you are doing professional metal detecting and you are searching for valuable metals in different places, you can use the Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector as an alternative device, as well.

What’s Included?

The package only includes the Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector.

Overview of the Features

The majority of Bounty Hunter Land Star reviews online say the same thing: this device is an amazing tool for treasure hunting.

Whether you are only doing it as a leisure activity with your children or you plan to use it for professional treasure hunting, this metal detector provides amazing features that would surely entice you.

  • Two Distinct Systems

The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector comes with two distinct systems: The No-motion mode and the Auto Notch Discrimination.

When using the No-motion mode, metal objects would cause the detector to turn off its sound when the target metal is already under the search coil.

In this type of technology, motion is not required when you are detecting the metal.

The Auto Notch Discrimination, on the other hand, is an automatic discrimination mode that would allow you to use turn-on-and-hunt discrimination.

  • Eight-Inch Bounty D-Tech Search Coil

This is one of the best features of the Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector.

This search coil features a Ground Trac and interchangeable coil, which can balance the machine no matter the conditions of the ground.

  • Multi-Function LCD

This unit also features a large multi-function LCD that comes with touchpad control. It would display the type and depth of the metal that is currently being detected.

The touchpad is very intuitive, and it is very easy to use even if you are a beginner.

  • Built-in Speaker and Headphone Jack

The built-in speaker is perfect for outdoor treasure hunting since you can easily tell if the unit finds a metal.

It features a headphone jack, too, which would allow you to go treasure hunting around your neighborhood without disturbing them.

  • Programmable System

The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector is very easy to use. It has a programmable system that would enable you to use it securely.

With this system, the device will do exactly what you want to do if you reprogram it to fit your needs.

How to Use

The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector is extremely easy to use that even kids can use them without assistance.

When you look at the buttons on the metal detector, it might seem intimidating, but it is actually pretty straightforward.

The on and off switch is located on the left side of the interface, and you can adjust the sensitivity after turning it on.

You can also adjust the discrimination. The knob is located on the right side.

The screen at the top would indicate the type of metal detected by the metal detector, and the bottom area would show its depth.

The search coil is also waterproof, so you can use it in shallow waters.

The metal detector is fully adjustable to the height of the user.

Here is a video tutorial on how to set up and use the Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector.


The Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector is amazing, but if you are looking for something more advanced but in the same price range, check out the Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector.

The Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is a metal detector made for advanced users. It comes with a submersible search coil, and it also includes three free accessories.

If you compare it to the Land Star metal detector, it is more affordable because it comes with other accessories.

This device boasts pulse-width modulation, five search modes, electronic pinpointing, depth adjustment, eight sensitivity, digital target ID, and coin depth indicator.

While it looks easy to operate, this metal detector is harder to setup. Hence, in terms of user-friendliness, the Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector is still a better choice.

You can also set the Land Star Metal Detector to adjust its settings automatically, so you don’t need to do any setups. It is ready for use once you unboxed it.


If you are not a professional treasure hunter or you are not going to use a metal detector to earn money or sell valuable metals, the Bounty Hunter Land Star is an amazing choice for you.

It is not applicable for deep metal detection, so you can just use it for leisure activities.

Like many Bounty Hunter Land Star reviewers have said, you can use it on shallow rivers, and you can go in the woods to search for random metals.

As long as the metal is not too deep underground, the Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector can easily detect it.