Places to Metal Detect Without Permission

places to metal detect without permission

Trying to find places to metal detect without permission? If many are into this hobby in your area, then finding the right spots will be easy. While you’ve got many options as to where can you use a metal detector legally, most public areas have rules and regulations regarding treasure hunting. This is especially true if it … Read more

Best Places To Metal Detect for Old Coins

best places to metal detect for old coins

Are you fascinated by the beauty and simplicity of the old world? You can try building your own connection to the past by learning how to find old coins metal detecting. For this, you only need a good metal detector and the best places to metal detect for old coins. Quick Navigation Best Places to Metal Detect … Read more

Metal Detecting Laws By State

metal detecting laws by state

Recently got a new metal detector? Before you go on your adventure, you should first look into metal detecting laws by state. Not much hunting can be done in your backyard, so it’s only natural that you’d want to go out and use your metal detector at different spots. You cannot just go out and start digging … Read more

Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

best places to use a metal detector

Metal detecting is an exciting activity, which is why it is no surprise that more and more people are embracing it as a hobby. What’s great about it is the excitement one gets when they hit the jackpot and got their hands on some valuable stuff. Are you curious to know what the best places to go … Read more

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

how do metal detectors work

Are you wondering how do metal detectors work? This question is one that many people are asking. Indeed, even we can’t help but wonder how a device can locate metals and other valuables like gold and silver. Metal detectors may look simple devices at first glance, but the inside mechanism is extremely complicated. Today, we’ll talk … Read more

Metal Detecting Accessories

metal detecting accessories

With more and more people finding the hobby of metal detecting fascinating and fun, they need to know what would make their hobby the most fruitful and fun. For anyone who is metal detecting for a hobby, there are some must haves to make their hobby successful and fun. A person who goes out metal detecting … Read more

What Do Metal Detectors Detect?

what do metal detectors detect

If you’ve been wondering what do metal detectors detect, we’ve got all the answers for you below! When the topic of metal detecting as a hobby comes up, many often picture a strange old man finding bottle caps on a local beach side. However, in reality, metal detecting can bring lots of joy, possible treasure and … Read more

Finding Coins With a Metal Detector

finding coins with a metal detector

Below we have some great tips for finding coins with a metal detector. Coins are by far the most common items of value that most people find when out treasure hunting. It is a little known fact that there are more coins that have been lost than there actually are in circulation! Coins can and do … Read more

Underwater Metal Detectors

underwater metal detectors

There are a variety of underwater metal detectors available on the market today. When choosing a model you’ll need to decide whether you will be underwater metal detecting fully submerged while scuba diving, or whether you will use the detector at the waters edge. Obviously, if you intend to fully submerge the metal detector you’ll need to … Read more