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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Warning for people digging up ground on Iron Age hillfort

CADW have warned against illegal excavations on Pen Dinas after a group of people were seen “metal detecting and digging” on the ancient Iron Age hillfort.

Dylan Lewis, director of Penparcau Community Forum and former mayor of Aberystwyth, said he witnessed three people engaged in the activity on Pen Dinas on Sunday, 8 January, after seeing evidence of human digging on the hill the day before.

Pen Dinas, which is described by the St Fagans National History Museum as “one of the largest and most important hillforts in west Wales”, is designated a ‘scheduled ancient monument’ by CADW, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service.


Diss metal detectorist unearths Bronze Age weaponry in field near town

As a metal detecting enthusiast, Diss resident Andy Nock says it is rare to come upon an artefact dating back over two millennia — and even rarer for it to be in such good condition. So it was to his great surprise when, stopping off on a small silage field near Diss, on his way home from buying a used metal detector, he picked up a loud signal that eventually led him to unearth a Bronze Age spearhead and part of a sword from the same era.


Widow, 70, is reunited with her long-lost wedding ring

  • Irene Freeman, 70, from Basingstoke, has been reunited with her wedding ring She lost the ring outside her home in 1985 while she playing with daughter Kat. Despite searching for it regularly, she had given up hope of ever seeing it again. However her son-in-law Malcolm Williams, 47, found it with his metal detector

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