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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Expert in his field, treasure hunter who struck gold

In a rain-lashed field in deepest Dorset, treasure-hunter David Spohr yesterday moved to a familiar refrain: squelch… splosh… ping! The big hope is that the “ping” will be Mr Spohr’s metal detector homing in on something ancient and precious hidden beneath the soil.

Unfortunately, like most treasure-hunters, he spends a lot of time digging up old nails and rusty beer cans. But last month, the 55-year-old hit the jackpot. On a routine foray into the Tarrant Valley, he found a 3,500-year-old gold lunula – a chest ornament worn by a Bronze Age chieftain – 10in below ground.

The rare, near-perfect piece is currently being assessed by experts, but is thought to be worth around £20,000, and is likely to go to the British Museum.

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