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Friday, 12 July 2013

Lost and found – bracelet back in the family

A NUN'S long-lost gold confirmation bracelet found in a Betchworth deer park in the spring has been reunited with her family more than 40 years later.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 7, metal detector user Roger Mintey, of Reigate, discovered a nine- carat gold bracelet under an oak tree in the deer park on the 82-acre Wonham Manor Estate. He had been detecting there for almost four years, after gaining permission from the estate manager, Jason Hughes. On his visits, Mr Mintey usually took one other member of the metal detecting group, East Surrey Research & Recovery, with him.

The bracelet bore an inscription: "Charmian, March 13 1971". Charmian Stowe, Betchworth Parish Councillor, who by chance has the same Christian name as the bracelet's loser, had suggested that the jewellery belonged to Charmian de László, whose family had lived at Wonham Manor.

She was right. Charmian de László, born October 9, 1957 had been given the bracelet by her parents, Group Captain Patrick and the Hon Deborah de László, to celebrate her confirmation into the Church of England on Saturday, March 13, 1971.

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