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Monday, 17 June 2013

Edward theConfessor Brooch Declared Treasure 2007 - Archive Material

The Mercury of 3rd May 2007 reports the discovery ‘near Bury St. Edmunds’ of a Saxon brooch made from a gilded silver penny of Edward the Confessor. The coin belongs to the first group of coins to be minted at Bury by the moneyer Morcere, subsequent to Edward’s grant of minting rights to the Abbot.

The coin belongs to the so-called ‘expanding cross’ type, the fifth type to be issued in the course of Edward’s reign. Coin dies and designs were changed frequently in order to minimise the risk of forgery by faked or stolen dies. Edward appointed a moneyer to Abbot Baldwin, who succeeded Leofstan on 16th July 1065.

It is the second type to be issued from the Bury mint, and it is only the seventh known coin of this type from the Bury mint, from which only now 31 survive from the reign of Edward the Confessor. The obverse legend reads +EDPER/.D RECX: and the reverse reads +MORCERE ON EDHUN. Apart from the ‘small flan’ type issue of Edward earlier in the year, this is the first reference anywhere to the name of Bury St. Edmunds.

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