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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Treasure trove of Bronze Age artefacts discovered by metal detectors in Vale of Glamorgan

A treasure trove of bronze age artefacts were discovered by metal detectorists in sleepy villages around the Vale of Glamorgan.

A late bronze age hoard of eleven axes, thought to have been buried around 1000 to 800 BC, and a middle to late bronze age penannular ring, estimated to have been buried between 1300 and 800 BC, were declared treasure by Cardiff Coroner Mary Hassell.

Curator of the Bronze Age Collections at the National Museum of Wales Adam Gwilt said the discoveries were key for historians to build a picture of times past.

“Discoveries like these can only enhance our understanding of that period,” he said.

He added: “The Vale seems to have been quite active in the Bronze Age, as a number of discoveries of this sort have been made there.”

The National Museum Wales has confirmed it is keen to acquire the precious artefacts following an independent valuation.

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