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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Perfect example of medieval holy well is being restored

The building became the first structure in Cornwall to be designated a scheduled monument in the 1920s.
It is regarded as a perfect example of a medieval well-house.

Built of local killas stone, and dating back to the 17th century, with a granite-arched doorway, the well-house has not undergone repairs or alteration for more than a century.

Archaeologist James Gossip, of Cornwall Council's historic environment projects department, said: "In the past ten years the building had started to suffer as a result of a build-up of silt against its back wall, and had become overgrown with ivy and other tree growth, with large roots loosening stones and threatening to collapse parts of the structure. The adjacent stream had also been blocked, causing water to pour through the rear wall and washing out the earth bedding mortar, leaving the structure in fragile condition."

He said restoration was vital to stabilise the structure.

A detailed archaeological survey was carried out to determine the extent of the problems and the best course of action.

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