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Monday, 20 May 2013

Looted artefacts recovered in UK to go on display

Treasure hunters using metal detectors are believed to have been behind the removal of nearly 900 artefacts, including a bronze age axe and medieval coins, from Ireland that have now been recovered in the UK.

“We know for a fact that metal detectors were used,” said Dr Ned Kelly, keeper of antiquities with the National Museum of Ireland, where the items will be put on display tomorrow.

It is illegal to use a metal detector without a licence and the penalties including a jail sentence of up to four years and a fine of up to €63,500.

Bronze Age Ireland: the country’s golden era

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In confirming the recovery of the 899 items, the National Museum referred to them as having been looted and said, “The collection was amassed by an individual, now deceased, who operated in the Co Tipperary area with assistance from another person who did not reside within the jurisdiction.”

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