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Sunday, 12 May 2013

How I helped discover Britain's Atlantis

THE story of a city that fell into the sea was one that David Sear learned from a very early age on his summer holidays to the East Anglian coast.

Decades later, David, now a professor in physical geography at the University of Southampton, has helped carry out the most detailed analysis of the archaeological remains of the lost medieval town of Dunwich, off the Suffolk coast.

The find has been labelled by the professor as the one of the most important milestones in marine archaeology.

Dunwich was once a thriving city – the tenth largest settlement in England. Packed with churches, monasteries, hospitals and grand public buildings, it was the same size as 14th century London and even had two seats in Parliament as testament to its importance.

But a vicious storm in 1286 swept much of the city into the sea and silted up the Dunwich River.

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