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Monday, 4 March 2013

Tackling Illegal Metal Detecting - Man Arrested

As part of Operation Totem, the Force's committment to tackling the practice of illegal metal detecting, police have arrested a 57 year-old Grimsby man on suspicion of theft.

The arrest took place shortly before midnight on Sunday 3 March, after the man was found in suspicious circumstances in a field off the A158 between Horncastle and Wragby.

'Nighthawking' is a term given to the practice of metal detecting that takes place, usually at night, and without the landowner's permission. The activity is carried out for personal gain and finds are not handed in, resulting in the loss of unique artefacts and depriving everyone of their historical heritage. In addition, significant damage is often caused to farmers' crops as a result of the trespass.

In 2012, a successful prosecution was brought against a Rotherham man following a lengthy investigation by the Lincolnshire Police Op Totem team.

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