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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bronze Age discovery at North Cove by Gisleham treasure hunter creates a stir

A treasure hunter has said he made “a one in a million find” after unearthing an axe and gold rings in north Suffolk that maybe 3,000 years old and the first discovery of their kind for the region.

And as well as making his best find as a metal detectorist of 15 years, Steven Walker hopes the Bronze Age axe and rings inside its socket found near North Cove, near Beccles will take centre place in the British Museum.

Although the axe maybe the most eye-catching of the find, it is the gold rings that have historical experts excited as they may be the first discovery of its kind in Suffolk

The axe and gold rings were found buried 9in in land near North Cove on August 7 last year at the end of Steven Walker’s first day exploring the area with the land owners’ permission.

Experts at London’s British Museum, who hope to buy the find, said the hoard dates from between 1,000 and 800 BC.

Yesterday Suffolk coroner Dr Peter Dean declared the find as a treasure meaning it should be sold to the British Museum with Mr Walker and the landowners sharing the money.

It was not made public how much the find is worth.

Describing the axe and gold rings Dr Dean said: “It is a rather splendid find.”

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