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Saturday, 1 September 2012

The romance behind ‘treasure trove’ ring

THE meaning behind a mysterious inscription on a silver ring pulled from the earth in Swindon was one of everlasting love, according to the British Museum.

The piece of jewellery, lined with gold and made with elaborate detail, carries the words AL.WAYES.ON followed by a sprig. The Adver reported on Wednesday how it was among 39 artefacts which were declared ‘treasure trove’ to the county coroner over the past three years.

Others included a fragment of silver buckle found in Lydiard Tregoze, which depicts a creature with a tail and a two-clawed foot, and Roman coins discovered in Pewsey bearing the names Honorious, Arcadius and Julian. Katie Hinds, finds liaison officer for Wiltshire, speculated the piece of jewellery found in Swindon could have been a betrothal ring.

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