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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Found by a detecting buddy last week!

A Fuze N°209 Mk II which was used with the HE Mk Ic Anti Aircraft shell of 4.5 inch
dated September 1939, which fits with the type of shell as they were only made from 1939 to about 1941. This is because they were made in Switzerland by Tavaro, and no further stocks could be bought after the Swiss stopped selling arms.

The spiral is there for adjusting the mechanical setting pointer of the fuze so it blew at so many seconds after firing, this could be adjusted by way of screwing the outer section. When this blew up depending on how well they were sealed and which was the explosion went would depend on what was left. Some were blown into a million pieces, others would give way at the weakest point usually the screw thread at the base, and if it was quick enough to give way after detonation then the nose cone could remain largely complete. In the early days of the war more people were killed by falling pieces such as this than enemy action.

Because it can be dated so specifically its safe to say this is a nice relic of the Blitz.

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