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Thursday, 28 June 2012

WW2 gunnery range - Mortar bonanza !

I was just reading this on a metal detecting forum, from a guy who had heard that there was potentially a WWII Gunnery Range. So off he went with detector in hand and came up with all kinds of WWII ordnance. Some of it was clearly live.

It really did get me asking the question. Brave or just plain stupid??? I'll let you decide.

He has since posted the info below, so I'm happy with the 'brave' description rather than the latter.

Please don't fret guys. I am chairman of the WW2 Relic Retrieval and Preservation Group (hence my forum name RRPG), and am quite experienced in remaining safe whilst recovering such relics. I am far from a 'newbie' with regards military relics.
As I pointed out in the video, the items that I thought were live turned out not to be, so there was no need to call the authorities. However, I am fully aware of my responsibilities regarding any live ordnance I find and ALWAYS inform EOD should I happen across anything.

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