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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Robert III Issued First Collectible Scottish Gold

Let me try to explain the feudal system in modern terms. There were gangs of armed criminals everywhere doing as they pleased, fighting with each other and using slaves – or might as well have been – to do the support and maintenance while they fought. The technology had developed so that some of the violent criminals had gotten very powerful, enforcing the allegiance of entire what we call nations today. Back then, a nation was made of some number of big gangs all technically working for one top dog. They liked that top dog thing, though of course committees actually ran things in the background. Politics were all personal back then.

Fourteenth century Scotland was pretty riled up with great nobles quarrelling with each other, importunate and bellicose England to the south, intrigue, pestilence and armed gangs all over the place fighting. And then for rest and relaxation the rich folks would go hunt, ride around on horses all day and kill things, men and women (on occasion) both.

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