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Monday, 18 June 2012

My dream farm - with dozens of detectorists on it...................ouch!!

My dream farm - with dozens of detectorists on it...................ouch!!

I was sitting down the other evening, and was looking through some old finds I'd found about 5 years ago. It brought back a memory of a day I'd rather forget - but I thought I'd share it with you.

It was a crisp, sunny September morning and I was going to detect on a new farm I'd recently gained permission to detect on. I'd found hammered coins on it the week before and tokens and I was hopeful of more to come. It was a lovely medieval village very close to a church dating back to saxon times. I invited both my mum and Dad and brother (all keen detectorists) to come along too.

We set off and travelled for 2 hours and as we were nearing the village started seeing signs for a major Metal Detecting Rally. I jokingly said to those with me 'I hope it is not on our farm. Travelling further down the road my heart stopped. There was dozens of cars and members of a local club walking all over 'my field'. Words cannot describe (and they couldn't be printed either) how I felt. I decided not to stop as I couldn't bear thinking of what might have come off, so I went to the next village to another farm I'd detected on before. To this day I don't know what was found........but life goes on.


There again it can never be as bad as what happened to a mate of mine. After travelling for 3 hours and searching all day he found a lovely Henry V111 Hammered Coin and was delighted. He brought it along to our club meeting and subsequently threw it away by accident with his crisp packet..............the pain!!!

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