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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gold fever to grip Pambula?

There is a nugget of interest in the old Pambula goldfields that could be the starting point of a return to Pambula’s halcyon boom town days.
West Australian gold mining interests are seeking to explore a 30 square kilometre area 3km south west of Pambula.

The area is classified as the Pambula central goldfield.

The area targeted (see map on Page 2) is close to South Pambula, parts of Greigs Flat, and it includes much of the old goldfields area, 1km south-west of Yowaka, Broadwater and land on both sides of the Princes Highway. It also goes near, but excludes, the settlements of Lochiel (by half a kilometre, to the north west) and Nethercote (by 1.5km to the north-north east).

Its central co-ordinates are half a kilometre from the saw mill at South Pambula.

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