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Monday, 11 June 2012

The Gold Florin of Charles I of Hungary (1301-1342) UNC

The Central Bank of Hungary plans to issue a gold collector coin series entitled "Gold Florins of Medieval Hungary". The first piece of the series depicts the golden florin issued by Charles I., born of the House of Anjou in Naples and called Caroberto.

With the termination of the House of Árpád, he was crowned King Charles I of Hungary in1301. Among his monetary reforms, he introduced the gold coinage in Hungary. His gold coins were patterned after the gold of Florence with the fleur de lis motif (fiorino d'oro, also source of the Hungarian word 'FORINT') and with the inscription of KAROLV REX (King Charles) on the front, and an image of the parton saint of Florence, Saint John the Baptist on the back.

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