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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ugthorpe Hoard - Archive 1792

In 1792, a hoard of silver coins was turned up by the plough, in a field a little to the north of Ugthorpe mill, now belonging to Mr. Linton. The discoverer, Willra. Burton, then a boy, and now a farmer near Ugthorpe Rails, states that the coins were in a round hole, without any vessel to contain them, and that the quantity was nearly sufficient to fill both pockets of his jacket: his master took the bulk of them and sold them to silversmiths at a distance, and he himself sold a few to the late Mr. R. Webster of Whitby. Three of them are in Mr. Jn. Webster's possession ; and two others have been obtained by the author. They consist of, a consecration piece of Vespasian, consequently struck after his death; a coin of Nerva; another defaced, but probably of Trajan; one of Marcus Aurclius, and one of his empress Faustina. The hoard must have been deposited 70 or 80 years after the wars of Agricola. 

A much larger hoard was ploughed up, about 7 years ago, on the farm of Mr. Rickaby beside Whorlton, near the borders of our district. The coins were contained within a large silver vase, which being much corroded was broken to pieces by the plough. The coins must have been hid about the time when the Romans forsook Britain; those which I have seen being of the reigns of Valens.

Source: A history of Whitby, and Streoneshalh abbey; with a statistical survey. George Young  1817

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