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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Roman coins found in Dorking

FRESH evidence has emerged that the Romans were active in Dorking.

Last month, six Roman coins from the third and fourth centuries were discovered near an industrial estate to the west of the town.

The coins included two barbarous radiate bronzes from the third century and three coins from the House of Valentinian, which date from about 364 to 375AD.

They were discovered by a member of the Weald and Downland Metal Detecting Club, based in Reigate, who had permission to search the land on which they were found.

The finds are now being studied by archaeologist David Williams, Surrey's finds liaison officer.
Mr Williams is recording the find and will be placing pictures on the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme's internet museum.

One of the coins is believed to bear the portrait of Victorinus, who was emperor for only two years from 269 to 271AD.

Wikipedea says Victorinus was murdered by a jealous husband whose wife he tried to seduce.
He was born to a very wealthy family and was a soldier under Postumus, the first of the "Gallic emperors".

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