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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Roman Coin Hoard - Walcot, Bath 1806 - Archives

On the 17th November, 1806, on the south-west side of Trinity Court, near the Turnpike Road, or main Street of Walcot (the ancient Foss Road), some labourers found a hoard of nearly one hundred Roman Coins. 15 were Consular Coins, of different families; 28 Vespasian ; 13 Nerva; 5 Nero; 15 Domitian; 2 Titus; 6 Trajan. One is stated to have been a Coin of Brutus ; one of Lepedvs or Augustvs ; and one of Juba. A few days after, a Medal of Nero, and one of Antoninus Pius were found on the same spot.

Source: Aquae solis, or Notices of Roman Bath, Harry Mengden Scarth, 1864

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