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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Methwold: Find of rare Roman coins

TWO examples of some of the last Roman coins to be struck in Britain were found by a metal detecting enthusiast on land at Methwold, an inquest heard on Friday.
Norfolk coroner William Armstrong declared the two Roman silver siliquae to be treasure after reading a report about them from expert Adrian Marsden at the British Museum.
The coins were found by David Wortley while he was using a metal detector on land belonging to DW Wortley and Sons during June and July, 2010.
They were described as from the late Roman period, both in good condition and with little trace of wear and most likely to have been lost soon after issue.
The report said: “Siliquae are rare as stray finds are often found heavily chipped. These two are unchipped, or nearly so, and also found within a few metres of each other. They were most likely lost together.”

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