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Friday, 25 May 2012

Local museum hope for buried treasure

ONE of the most significant hoards of coins to have been found in Caithness looks set to be displayed at a museum in the county.

Metal detector enthusiast Mikie Aitken (28), from Killimster, made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery after finding a total 46 coins that were thought to be over 700 years old.
Now accredited museums in Caithness are set to be given the opportunity to bid to display the coins at their premises.

Ever since they were first discovered in January, Mr Aitken’s coins have attracted attention from across the country, with experts describing the find as extremely significant.

After analysing the hoard, Treasure Trove Scotland discovered that the coins were in circulation only 30 years after Caithness became part of Scotland, predating 1290.

Mr Aitken said that the hope now is that the coins will return north and he is confident a new home can be found in Caithness.

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