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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Help uncover secrets of Brede Woods

VOLUNTEERS are needed for a groundbreaking three week archaeological dig at Brede High Woods
The Woodland Trust is offering the opportunity for more volunteers to take part in its ‘Big Dig’ archaeology project at Brede High Woods between May 15 and June 2.
Currently 75 volunteers are signed up, but the Trust hopes to have many more take part during the course of the three year project.
Since December the charity has been undertaking a programme of small-scale excavations and survey work on a medieval farmstead, an iron smelting site and the site of a hop-pickers camp, all found within the woods. The excavations and surveys are attempting to date these and other features as well as determine their use, their construction and how they relate to the Brede Furnace and other historic features in the landscape.
To date the excavations have uncovered much domestic ‘rubbish’ associated with Brede High Farm (which was demolished in 1930) and the hop-pickers camp as well as all parts of the iron-smelting process. So far no evidence has been found that positively dates these features but larger scale excavations this year and next will hopefully answer these questions.

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