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Friday, 18 May 2012

Digging deep for bells and bones . . .

A mass archaeological dig led by a famous face took over a field in Clavering on Saturday.
Dr Carenza Lewis, of Channel 4’s TimeTeam, brought her Access Cambridge Archaeology team to the Uttlesford village’s Christian Centre in Stortford Road to carry out 29 separate digs.

Among the finds were bits of pottery ranging from Medieval times through to the Victorian period, animal bone, a medieval bell believed to have been used on a dog’s collar, a trading token dated 1669, and the remains of a commemorative cup from the 1700s, likely commissioned for a Christening or wedding.

But one of the highlights was a pre-historic leaf-shaped arrowhead which got the pulses racing.
Members of the public got in on the action too, helping by digging with their own shovels and sieving and washing the discoveries.

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