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Friday, 18 May 2012

'Bronze Age' boat is nearly history...

'Bronze Age' boat is nearly history...

A REPLICA Roman boat put together by a team of time detectives from Canterbury Archaeological Trust sank as soon as it was put into water for sea trials.

The disaster happened as Tony Robinson, who played Baldric in the TV series Blackadder, filmed it for his Channel 4 Time Team programme.

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So in this time of austerity, we think it is just to spend £1.7 million of Tax Payers Money (European Interreg Cash) on a replica boat, that as soon as it is put in the water sinks. Trust Baldric to be there!!

If it was such a good idea why isn't private sector funding, building the boat, and reaping the admission fees. Rant over.

ps. And nice to see the journalists know the difference between Bronze Age and Roman ................. not!

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