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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Artefacts found: Windsor Bridge progress may come to grinding halt

ABORIGINAL tools and colonial-era artefacts including ceramics have been unearthed on both sides of the Hawkesbury River by two teams of archaeologists working on sites where the new Windsor bridge would be built if the proposed Option One plan goes ahead.

If the items found are judged to be of historical significance it could call into question the entire development, or at the very least significantly slow it down.

But local historian Jan Barkley-Jack who followed the excavations on what is now the Hawkesbury Regional Museum claims the digs are literally just scratching the surface.

Both geotechnical and archaeological digs, overseen by Roads and Maritime Services and using specialist archaeological teams, began digging during the last week of April and are set to continue in several different locations both sides of the river until the last week of May.

Artefacts recovered so far – which include colonial-era iron nails, ceramics and charcoal, as well as Aboriginal tools – will now be studied in detail by other experts to establish their historical significance.

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