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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Metal Detectorists helps save girls from being buried alive!

Two schoolgirls have described their dramatic rescue after almost being buried alive when a beach cliff collapsed. Three men had to use their hands to desperately claw Abigail Thomas, 12, and Jodie Leach, nine, from the sand. The girls were digging a hole at the base of the cliff when up to 30 tonnes of sand started to slide away from the top.

The pair tried to run away, but Jodie tripped and was buried up to her neck by the landslide at Hemsby beach, Norfolk. Abigail said: 'We ran away and Jodie fell over. I went back to help her and I fell over as well. 'We were screaming because we were totally stuck. Jodie was up to her neck and I was up to my chest. 'We thought that more sand might come down and kill us. The men had to dig under us to pull us out. It was really hurting us.' The girls’ screams alerted a man and a woman who were walking on the beach and they rushed over to help.

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