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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lost and Found: One engagement ring's journey

On Easter Sunday 1991 Dena and Brandon Christy had only recently become engaged.
They had joined friends and family for an afternoon picnic and softball game in the front yard of Keith and Donna Milam, Brandon’s parents.
Somewhere in the excitement of the game and exchanging gloves, Dena’s engagement ring came off her finger and it was not until later that she discovered the ring was gone.
“I was heartbroken," Dena Christy said. “I remember everyone forming a line and walking back and forth across the yard. I couldn’t stop crying.”
Brandon and Dena were like any other young couple starting out without much money. “We couldn’t afford a new ring so I had to wait until later to get a new one.” She said.
Fast forward 21 years. Spencer Alan Reiter and Jason Ebeyer, metal detecting enthusiasts, along with Eyeber’s son’s Andrew and Conner, were talking to the Milams one day and heard about the story of the lost ring.

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