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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Leeds Treasure Hunter finds Roman Trinket

She was the Roman goddess of fortune and good luck, and now she’s set to smile on a Leeds treasure-hunter.
This gem-set silver ring – thought to feature the goddess Fortuna – was found by metal detecting enthusiast Andrew Diamond in a farmer’s field in Micklefield.
Now the 2,000-year-old trinket has been declared official treasure, and is set to grace the collections at Leeds Museum.
And once it has been valued by a committee of the British Museum, its finder and the landowner of the site where it was found will split a reward worth the market value.
A Leeds treasure trove inquest heard the ring dates from the Roman era, and was made between the first and third centuries AD.
The silver trinket features a full-length seated female figure looking to her left, and a bezel-set oval orange gemstone. Coroner David Hinchliff said the figure was possibly Fortuna.

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