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Thursday, 19 April 2012

500 years of Leith history revealed as archaeologists unearth port defences

Archaeologists have unearthed part of the 500-year-old defences that helped to protect the port of Leith.
Experts hope to learn more about the history of one of Scotland’s most important harbour towns from the excavation taking place throughout April and in to May.
The 16th century town ditch which can now be seen by the public via a viewing window at the site between Bernard Street, Constitution Street and Great Junction Street and a small section of the west bank near Sandport Place.
It used to be the location of an indoor market until it was destroyed by a fire in September 2000.
This glimpse at these early fortifications has provided an opportunity to view the defences built for Leith as the former seat of government by Mary of Guise.
They were built in 1548 to protect Edinburgh and Leith from a siege from the English and were put to the test 11 years later in an attack from Protestant forces.

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