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Monday, 23 April 2012

19th century Bhopal ruler’s gold coin fetches Rs8 lakh

Her reign is known as the Golden Reign of Bhopal and the gold coins she minted in the mid-1800s outshine some others even today. At the SM Shukla Memorial Coin Day, popularly known as the Bombay Coin Fair, a golden coin minted by Sikander Begum, who ruled Bhopal between 1847 to 1868, fetched the highest price in the auction held on Saturday at the World Trade Centre.
The coin that is presumed to be only the second known piece in existence was bought at Rs8 lakh by a person who did not wish to be identified. It was made between 1844 to 1865 and is said to be uncirculated then. Over 100 avid coin collectors, who were unwilling to get identified, bid for numerous coins.

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