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Monday, 19 March 2012

Rare Roman ring found near Alford

A RARE Second Century silver Roman ring has been discovered by a metal detectorist in a farmer’s field near Alford, a treasure inquest heard.
The ring, which has been reworked from a silver denarius coin featuring an image of the Roman Emperor Julia Maesa, is thought to be one of only two ever found in the UK.
Although Roman denarii are fairly common finds in Lincolnshire, finger rings reworked from the coins are usually only found on the continent.
Metal detectorist and amateur archaeologist Michael O’B made the rare discovery while searching on agricultural land in the Alford area in March last year.
Explaining his find to Coroner Stuart Fisher during an inquest held at Lincoln Cathedral Centre last Tuesday, Mr O’B said: “Lincolnshire is quite a prolific area but this is a very rare find – there’s only one find like it in the UK.”

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