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Monday, 7 November 2011

Viking Hoard Discovered In Cheshire By Metal Detecting Club

An intriguing hoard of Viking silver was discovered in 2004 by a metal detecting club.  Initially only a few fragments were found, but very shortly several large silver items were unearthed.  Although not immediately clear, it was soon determined that the items were Viking.  22 silver objects were found in all including bracelets, an ingot, and a large decorated silver rod.   This is not the first time a treasure hoard has been discovered by metal detectors clubs or enthusiasts.  Metal detectors have been used to locate buried treasures for decades.  Only on occasion are there collections or hoards having great historical value discovered, but the use of metal detectors has been a favorite hobby of millions of people across the world.

The Vikings roamed Britain throughout the 10th century and there are no doubt many buried or hidden treasures yet to be discovered.   Treasure hoards are often found in close proximity to rivers, as the navigation of rivers and large streams was one of the predominant modes of transportation in early times.   The Vikings are thought to have traveled the rivers often, sometimes burying their valuables along the way in order to keep them safe until they could be retrieved at a later time.  Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Lune Valley Metal Detecting Club, the world can now view this valuable treasure that has great historical significance in the United Kingdom and around the world. 

The Viking hoard is currently being examined by a British museum after which it hopefully will make it's permanent home at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester according to the Treasure Act.   With every treasure and artifact uncovered, a bit of history becomes more apparent and many finds have been unearthed at the hands of metal detector users since the advent of the metal detector.  With each new piece of history discovered, the record of human history changes accordingly.  For may metal detector enthusiasts, it is the excitement and anticipation of finding some object of historical value that is the driving force rather than the hope of personal gain and riches, although many people have gained personal wealth from artifacts they have discovered using a metal detector.

The Viking Hoard is yet one more example of the history that has yet to be discovered in regions across the world.  Although many recent finds have been in the United Kingdom, there are surely many hidden and buried treasures yet to be unearthed in all countries around the world.  The use of metal detectors is not only a means to locate objects that would otherwise remain unknown, but also an excellent hobby and form of exercise that can be enjoyed by all ages.  The discovery of the Viking Hoard is an exciting historical find that will add to and help preserve the history of the Vikings and the Untied Kingdom.  Metal detector operators are sure to continue to find numerous types of treasure and valuable objects throughout the world.

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