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Monday, 7 November 2011

Metal Detectorists throw away Millions!!!!

Metal Detectorists throw away Millions!!!!

It is quite true to say that in the UK alone, there are Millions of
pounds worth of pieces of scrap metal just lying around. Much of it is
in Gardens, Parks, Farms, Commons, Beaches etc. Some of it has been
lying there for thousands of years. Now it is not true that all
detectorists finds are coins, brooches, rings etc. If that was the
case then everybody would be doing detecting. In truth these finds
only constitute a small percentage of finds made. A lot of stuff found
includes cans, bottle tops, iron, lead, etc. Some metal detectorists
remove this rubbish and throw it away. Other less responsible
detectorists just bury it again. This is a stupid excercise as quite
often they will find themselves digging up the same scrap on their
next detecting mission.

So why would detectorists throw scrap away? Well quite often it is too
much inconvenience. Maybe they only go detecting once a month and
don't collect enough scrap to turn into cash. Maybe they don't
understand the shear value of the metal they are throwing away. It is
this and the different types of scrap metal that we will look at

Here are  a few different types of metal you might find:

LEAD etc

All have value. In some cases such as gold you might only need as
little as an ounce. In other metals such as Iron you may need to have
30/40 llbs to make it worth your while visiting a scrap dealer. In the
case of Gold, Platinum and Bronze a visit to your local jeweller is
probably your best course of action. As for Bronze, Copper,
Alliminium, Iron, Steel and Lead then you would need to obtain a lot
more in quantity. In this case you would usually need to bring it to
your local scrap company by vehicle. Always be careful when handling
any kind of metal. Wear Gloves. In all cases leave melting of such
items to the experts - as harmful fumes can be emited.

Good hunting and please look after our planet.


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