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Saturday, 15 October 2011

The march of time’s exposed at military site

FOR more than 50 years it has been home to countless families who have been through the ups and downs of life within its listed perimeter walls.

For others, Leith’s brown-bricked Fort House has simply been a distressing source of anti-social behaviour, the notorious council estate earning itself in recent years a reputation as one of the worst in Edinburgh.

As the local authority prepares to demolish the 1960s development – a decision that gained overwhelming support in the community – another side to “The Fort” has been unearthed.

Remains of an old military fort built to protect Leith has been uncovered by archaeologists, who are excavating the site on behalf of the city council. Among the discoveries is a series of buildings, including a military magazine housing munitions, stable blocks and possibly even army barracks.

“It’s a fascinating bit of Edinburgh’s military history,” says John Lawson, right, curator of archaeology for the council. “It’s not often we get the chance to look at this sort of site. A lot of it has been demolished but it’s really good to get some remains surviving.”


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