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Sunday, 23 October 2011

An average field

Was thinking to myself today about what an average field holds, in relation to coins/finds. So I chose one out of my records, at random.

Crotal Bell (approx 1600's)
Several Roman Bronze Coins daing in the 300's AD
Belt Stiffener
Musket Balls
A Roman Fibula 1st Century
A Gold Ring
Elizabeth 1 Half Groat Coin
Elizabeth 1 Sixpence
Edward 1 Penny
Richard 1 Cut Half Penny
King John Penny
Henry III Cut Half Penny
4 Edward I Pennies
1 Edward III Penny
George V Medallion
William III Shilling
A Casket Key
A Medieval Seal
A Medieval Strap-End
2 Jettons (a medieval token)
Some Pottery
And about 1000 cartridge cases???????????

Interesting hobby. The thought that the fields have been used from Roman to present day, and hopefully more to come.

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