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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Cut Half of Henry III

It won’t come of surprise to anybody who reads my posts on UKDN, to know that I have a real interest in early hammereds, and a particular interest in the different cut variations. Maybe it is my inquisitive mind, or the detective work required in dating them and allocating classes, who knows? However I’ll say straight away, I don’t profess to be an expert, but thanks to a lot of reading, my knowledge is building up on the subject.

This month a coin appeared on the forum for ID, and I was pleased to help. The coin was a Voided Long Cross Cut Penny – called this because of a ‘void’ in between the Long Cross on the Reverse. Just the shape of the cross, with the void, shouted out, I’m a Henry III, as no other monarchs (other than a small number from Edward 1) have issued this kind of coin.

So I knew I was looking at a Henry III, voided Long Cross Penny. Next was to see where it was minted and who minted it. Well upon looking at the reverse, I could see ONL VND – so I immediately knew it was London Mint. The only downside was that that the other half of the coin had the Moneyers name on it. How frustrating.

At this stage I looked at the Obverse again. The King's regnal number showed as TERCI and this only happened on Class 2 coins. The only other Class with TERCI, was Class 1, but that was on the Reverse. So I now knew I was looking at a Class 2 coin. The shape of the X in Rex narrowed the class further to a 2a. This class itself is one of the less common ones, so it was worth a look to see what Moneyers were around at this time.

To my delight my reference suggested that only Nicole minted coins in Class 2 for London. So even if the Moneyers name was on the other half of the coin, it was still possible to say confidently that it was a Henry III, Cut Voided Long Cross Penny, Moneyer Nicole of London, Class 2a.

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