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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A few days away with Treasurehunterste!

A few days away!!

A month or so ago I was detecting with ‘our kid’ when he suggested we should get away for a few days,in order to get some serious detecting done. Both of us having young families, find it difficult getting out as much as we’d like, but do get out regularly. We have been on a number of short detecting breaks with each other before and enjoy each others company - well most of the time anyway!!

Once I got home I decided to make a few enquiries with some farmer friends, in order to ensure land was available to detect on, and then booked accommodation in Lincolnshire, for our few days away.

The day soon arrived and it was in the early hours on the Tuesday that ‘our kid’ pulled up outside in his car. We were soon on the M62 and on our way East. The weather was glorious for March and within a couple of hours we found ourselves on one of our farms.

Besides sunshine, the first day had very little to offer. The ground was perfect. Although pasture, it had only recently be ploughed and the soil was soft. We found the normal buckles etc but little else until late in the afternoon my brother shouted hammered, and he showed me an Edward I Penny. He also found a large Roman Bronze. This was cue for me to move closer to his location and it wasn’t long before I too had a Henry III Cut Penny and an Elizabeth I penny.

Shortly afterwards my wife rang to say the heating/hot water had gone off and being a caring husband and Dad decided I couldn’t sit back and let them suffer whilst I was away. So I got in the car without delay …............... and gave her the telephone number for British Gas!! Before long the sun was setting and we both headed back to our digs. We had brought with us some healthy (okay maybe not so healthy) snacks and booze, and after a few hours of watching tv, drinking and eating, we were flat out.

One problem I have is insomnia. So it wasn’t unusual for me to be up very early the next morning and by shortly after 6am I was on the fields. ‘Our kid’ was still fast asleep but I had already told him the night before what my plans were.

First find for myself that morning was a medieval strapend and by the time ‘Our Kid’ had arrived on the field at mid morning, I’d also found a Roman coin too. What amazes me about this hobby is how you often feel you’ve covered an area, and in truth you haven’t. Because within 5 minutes of him being on the field a large he’d found a huge Silver Commemerative Medallion of George V. I couldn’t believe this had happened in an area I’d walked around for hours.

In the afternoon I moved to another part of the field. I soon found another hammered coin. This time it was a Short Cross of John. The sun was well and truly beating down on us and I was getting really tired. My energy was sapping quickly. However before I turned in I had found another hammered. This time a Henry V, York Penny.

That night it was time to read a few Metal Detecting Magazines and then a clean up before we hit a local Chinese restaurant on a food and drink feast. After we’d had our fill it was back to our digs, and then to bed. Next morning I was out on the fields early again. I’d received another call from my wife the night before advising me that it was Parents Evening for my daughter on the Thursday night, and my company would be appreciated. Or in other words ‘Get your backside back here or else’. So by lunchtime and another strapend to my name, it was time to head home.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my few days away.

Treasurehunterste 2011

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