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Monday, 13 June 2011

A bit about me - owner and writer of Treasure Hunting TV

A bit about Treasurehunterste............................(me)

I first started Metal Detecting back in the Summer of 1982. I was a young lad at the time. My Mum and Dad were keen detectorists, during the holiday season, finding cash on the beach. And it was only by pure chance, after finding a solid gold necklace, whilst playing in the sand, that it got me hooked too.

Our first port of call, was to contact our local Museum to find a local club. This is when we were introduced to the South Lancashire and Cheshire MDC. The club was very much in its infancy. It had only opened a few years previous, and had only recently moved into a community centre. Before then it was in the front room of Brian’s house (Crossy).

During these years I would spend hours detecting on the local parks and nearby farmland but my first hammered coin would have to wait until after I was married. I did unearth quite a few nice Victorian items, and thousands of coins, mainly later in date. I was also involved in helping organise some of the earlier National Rallies such as Aintree Racecourse, Croxteth etc., under the watchful eye of Brian.
When I was about 18 I had a break from the hobby for a few years. I was too busy enjoying myself on nights out, to worry about early Sunday morning starts, to Metal Detect. My Mum and Dad carried on with the hobby throughout though, as they still do to this day. I still read all the magazines and kept in touch with the hobby.

After I got married in 1994, my interest developed again and I was out and about with my detector on a regular basis.  The club was struggling with numbers at times. Membership would be verging on 40 or so. The same old faces were still there. Brian was now with Mo, and was starting UKDN and was showing a real passion for spreading the hobby online. The hobby wasn’t as fashionable as it is today.

After a few years I became Vice Chairman of our club, and this was to follow up as Chairman for a number of years. I helped the club start up its website and forum and we moved venue, as membership started to increase. It was at this time I decided to start travelling further afield in my hunt for coins and artefacts. It was not uncommon for me to start travelling at 5am on a Sunday morning, in the hope of that elusive find.
Most of my nicer finds have come from this period. Certainly my earlier ones have. These range from Celtic and Roman up to present day. My favourite has to be one of my Julius Caesar Denarii, simply due to the emperor being so famous. But to be honest I have been quite lucky. I have quite a choice of many hammered (silver and gold) and other coins and artefacts to choice from. I guess when you’ve been walking the fields for thousands of hours, you’d expect to find something.

As of today, I still run our club’s website, although most of my effort is aimed towards our forum. I am one of the longest standing members of the club, and still enjoy the hobby immensely. I am no longer Chairman, although I still take a keen interest in the clubs affairs, and may well put my hat in the ring, at a future date. I still hold rallies for the club, and am keen to help the new members with the hobby, although at a membership now nearing 100, I think the club may be getting a little too big for comfort.

Although a user of UKDN since its early days, I haven’t posted very much until recently. I have been surprised at just how much enjoyment I have had on here, since I started contributing more. The wealth of knowledge is immense. I am learning so much and everybody seems so friendly. In return I hope I can give a bit back.

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