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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Anne's joy as lost keys are found

A PENSIONER has told of her joy after being reunited with her house keys she feared would fall into the hands of burglars.

Anne Vernon dislocated her shoulder and hit her head when she missed the step down from her front door and ‘took a head long dive’ into the hedge.

She managed to pull herself up and stagger to her neighbours home and raise the alarm.

But while Anne was spending two nights in hospital the one thing on her mind was the worry that while she was there someone may find the house keys she dropped when she fell and break into her home.

She said: “I had my keys in my hand when I fell into the thick ivy hedge and I couldn’t find them again. My neighbours were looking to but to no avail.

”I kept telling myself if none of my neighbours can find them then hopefully no one else will be able to. 


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