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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Medieval fair takes over village

For those who are interested in finding old items, you could do a lot worse than research were old fair sites have been situated in the past. There are actually books out there, which show villages were fairs have been. I know one particular site in Yorkshire, which was used for jousting in the past. The immense amount of finds were quite remarkable.

Just reading this news item. Thought it might interest a few. 

JOUSTING knights and fair queens took over a village centre as locals 
headed back in time to hold their medieval fair. 
The 41st annual Sedgefield Fair was organised by Sedgefield 
Community Association and it took place on Saturday, May 21. 
It attracts visitors to the County Durham village from miles around to  
enjoy all the fun and events.  
This year there were knights jousting on the village green and a 
ducking stool proved popular too.


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